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Pellet, what is it?

Pellet is eco-friendly fuel in the form of small granules produced of pressed sawdust.The raw material for the production of wood pellets comes from sawdust from coniferous trees (100%) . Granules of wood pellets have a diameter of 6 mm and length of less than a few centimeters. Pellet is characterized by a low moisture content (6 – 10%), ash (0,3% – 0,5%), of environmental harmful substances and with high energy properties. This is an ecofuel with very low emission of CO2. The guarantor of the quality of wood pellets is certified according to DIN Plus or EN PLUS, which confirms that the product has been produced from selected sawdust without sand and additional chemicals and it is safe for devices designed to burn this type of fuel.


Advantages of pellet

  • Efficiency: calorific value of 18 MJ / kg
  • Lower heating costs: high quality and efficiency at a reasonable price
  • Easy to transport, store and use: small size improves the ability to move
  • Environmentally friendly : made from natural ingredients , does not emit environmental harmful substances
  • Ash from the pellets is used as fertilizer

Why our pellet?

All our wood chip and sawdust is bark free and this reducing ash content and raising our calorific value.

Our wood pellets are  from FSC certified material.

Our wood pellets are the highest quality in market.

Our  pellet fuel is made of 100% softwood and is great for your wood pellet stoves because softwood is cleaner and gives longer combustion.

We claim to have the best wood pellet but the truth comes from our continued growth year after year and from our happy loyal customers.


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