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Holz Premium Blue

Holz Blue is a premium quality pellet produced in one of Euorpean largest wood factories.Produced from pure spruce and pine wood from the forests of Northern Europe.It’s well know on the market for its excellent heat output and low ash content.The EN PLUS A1 certification guarantees that the Holz Blue pellet is free of impurities, […]

Holz Green

Holz Green is premium quality wood pellet that is produced in one of most modern pellet plant in Europe from spruce wood waste. It is distinguished for its good calorific value and low ash content.The certification to EN Plus A1 ensures that the pellet holz green is free of debris, without any kind contaminants and […]

Holz Premium Red

Holz Red is Super Premium pellet produced from pure Coniferous wood waste from Nord Europe.It’s our main product and is well know in market for the high calorific value and low ash.It is one of the excellent products of our company.The EN PLUS A1 certification guarantees that the product is obtained only from pure wood, […]

Natural Fire

Natural Fire is a pellet produced from pure debarked coniferous wood. One of the most sold products on the market thanks to the very high calorific value which makes it one of the products most requested by customers.Thanks also to its low ash content we can say that it is one of the top-of-the-range products […]

American One

American One pellet is a product of pure debarked fir wood.Manufactured in a modern wood processing plant.Its main characteristic is the very low ash content and good calorific value.American one is a product known on the market and highly appreciated by customers.We can say that it is one of the most popular products in southern […]

American One Plus

American One Plus new top-of-the-range pellets from our company.Made exclusively from dried sawdust from Northern Europe.High calorific and very low ash content.Extra White product reserved only for very demanding customers.Product reserved exclusively for regional distributors.Its EN PLUS A1 certification guarantees the quality of the product and above all its purity.     Technical data Pallet […]


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