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Holz Premium Red

Holz Premium Red

Holz Red is Super Premium pellet produced from pure Coniferous wood waste from Nord Europe.
It’s our main product and is well know in market for the high calorific value and low ash.
It is one of the excellent products of our company.
The EN PLUS A1 certification guarantees that the product is obtained only from pure wood, free of adhesives or chemical additives.



Technical data

Pallet height 170 cm Weight of the pellet 1050 kg

Bag for pellet 70

Bags for layer  7

File per pellet 10

Calorific value

Technical characteristics

Calorific value ≥ 4,9 Kwh/kg

Ash≤ 0,4%


Max length30mm

Density600-650 kg m3

Sulfur content<0,03%

Quality certifications

Holz Red certification EN Plus A1 BY001

Holz Red
certification EN Plus A1 BY001

Available bags

15kgProduct codeHG001B


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